Sunday, February 09, 2014

Guns and Public Safety

Now, not only doctors but also insurance companies are prohibited from asking question about gun ownership. Instead of focusing on reducing insurance premiums our representatives in Tallahassee are pleasing their NRA supporters and are obsessively defending alleged Second Amendment violations. For starters: SB 424 would allow state regulators to fine or impose penalties on auto or property insurance companies that "refuse to issue, renew, or cancel a policy" because the policyholder owns a gun. It also prohibits the insurance company from disclosing to third party if the policyholder has a gun. HB 255 is going further by allowing policy holders to sue if an insurer takes such action. On the Florida Senate Senate Banking and Insurance Committee as well as on the Florida House Insurance and Banking subcommittee only ONE Senator and ONE House committee member voted against it! Soon insurance companies have to remove firearm questions from their screening application. Policy holders can now stock their household with assault weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition to prepare for WW III, or to shoot rowdy neighbors. But wait, it gets better. Soon you can have your own gun range in your backyard. What could possibly go wrong with that! This is insane!!! Yours Bernd