Monday, December 29, 2014

Why Medicaid Makes It Impossible To Practice Medicine

Attached a link to an article of interest titled " End of Medicaid parity will be costly to PCPs Medicaid reimbursement could drop 50% in many states." For me this development was predicable and I have to make a rational business decision if I can afford to take on new, or even service established Medicaid patients. Most of my Medicaid patient were transferred to me by United Healthcare and I am often faced with ZERO medical history and a patient demanding (rightfully) maximum quality care. Many of my Medicaid patients suffer from multiple chronic conditions, are poorly educated, have low levels of health literacy and are in need for coordinated care often contained in several medical records spread across a plethora of past and current specialty services providers who, despite all of my attempts, often do not exchange or transfer medical records. I reached a point of emotional and professional frustration and really do not know how it can be expected from me or my staff to work under those condition and to get paid now less than ever before! But to top it off Medicaid just informed me that they stopped all payments because letters sent to my business address were returned. When I inquired I noticed that they sent letters to an old practice address I vacated in 1997. Now I have to prove that I REALLY moved 17 years ago and that I really practice medicine at my current address. I am sorry but I can't take it anymore and have to limit, reduce or stop the care for Medicaid patients. This is a painful but necessary decision. Nevertheless, I wish all of you a healthy and prosperous New Year. Yours Bernd